Tips for Digital Publishing

The basic principles of dynamic pricing or price pulsing are very simple,” Gaughran says. “Lower your price, advertise the sale, and when the book peaks in the charts, raise the price back up to take advantage of the increased visibility that placement on bestseller lists will give you.”

I have come across a pleasant article for those of you who want to publish their books digitally. How can you make your book visible to the reader amongst all the other million books? How can you make the potential readers click on that little “Purchase” button? Rest of the article is at Writer’s Digest. seems like a fun and simple application that recommends you, your next book to read in relevance to your last book. 

The recommendations are powered by Amazon and Library Thing.

I personally like the speech bubbles: “Ho! I’ve just finished reading…”


Ultimate serenity…

So, have you read about the tale of an everlasting optimist man who is a bit on the mentally ill side?

Silver Linings Playbook by Matthew Quick has been recently turned into a film starred and produced by Bradley Cooper.

Book vs. Movie, which one wins? 

"This was like dating a priest."

Break-up Letters by Famous Authors

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There is always room for a good book.

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